Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tomorrow is the day. I'm ecstatic at the thought of finally being reunited with the home I am truly meant to inhabit, even if only for a short while.

Packing has proved difficult. Despite the fact that for the past week my life has a been a, so to speak, garage sale, I still seem to have more material items than ever. Nonetheless, I have planned and replanned the framework for my future room in Lawrence and I believe that everything will have its own place.

I recently went to a thrift-store and there I found a gem. A piece truly crafted after my own heart and at the price of only $12.00. I felt like a thief, it was such a good deal.

Along with this bee's knees piece of furniture I also found another steal.

And to complete the thrift store deals of the week in Liz's world...

This was the last project my wonderful sewing machine every saw. I tailored this dress to fit just right. Now, the sewing machine is off to Florida. Auctioned off on ebay to someone looking for a gift for their decrepit mother. As my wondrous lover had just offered to buy my sewing machine for me in hopes that I would be able to keep it, in the last hours of the auction this wicked woman bought it right out from under his feet. Now it is gone.

I have been searching relentlessly for an affordable record player. Due to my limited budget I would like to find one that is reasonably priced but still decent in its condition. Because the player I have been using is my parents, I will have nothing to listen to my records on if I do not find one soon. Hopefully I did not waste all my good shopping karma on the three thrift store items above.

In a week I will be moving out again. I shouldn't be panic stricken as though it were my first day at college, yet, I am. I am petrified at the thought of making the fallacious choice all over again. What if I do everything incorrectly. Making the same mistake twice is one thing I often do. Probably to my demise. Every time I try and discuss my trepidation with anyone they tell me I am being too pessimistic and not to agonize over the situation. Yet, I voiced this perturbation last year and look where I ended up. I attempt to look at the positive but it's hard when I have already selected the wrong future once and to think that this will be any better of a situation is just pure ignorance. I have lost conviction in myself. I doubt all my own decisions because so far they have all led me astray. So what's to say that all the decisions I make now and in further months will lead me any closer to what I want. Which is what?

There is my obstacle. A lack of direction.

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  1. I was there for all of those awesome buys!
    Obviously I am your good karma shopping charm, so keep me around when looking for good deals.

    I just want to let you know that I am so incredibly certain that you are going to be fine. We as humans are suppose to make mistakes and we learn from them. And whether you learn from them the first, second or twentieth time, it doesn't matter! Eventually we get the hint and set ourselves straight.

    You are an absolutely amazing person who is gifted, kind, intelligent and driven. I know that you are going to make something great out of your life and I hope I can be around to see it all flourish.

    I miss you.

    p.s. that dress looks amazing! ;)