Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have come to find that doing homework is much simpler than going to class. I have lost a lot of motivation for schooling now that I have culinary school in front of me. The distance between my house and campus has proved no aid. I am stuck in the realm of mediocrity and I don't know if I am driven enough to find my way out.

Speaking of realms, a few folks and I are beginning what should be an epic Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It will hopefully be in full swing by the end of the month. The Barber, the Barista, the D.M., the Wondergirl and myself will be battling it out once a week in my kitchen.

I received a record player the other day. A birthday present from my parents. The Crosley Rochester 4-1 entertainment system. It is a beauty. It has got a turntable, a CD player, a tape deck and a radio.

That gem right in the center is my brand new record playing baby. Happy early birthday to me.

In my last post I mentioned a new piece of artwork I would be adding to my body. Well...

I thought it turned out looking pretty snazzy. Many people were displeased that it would be difficult to cover up, but sometimes getting a new tattoo is about showing it off a bit. Perhaps I will regret it in later years but I'm a girl that finds it hard to see that big picture everyone talks about so much. It must be a pretty big picture if everyone seems to be so interested in it.

I have been baking. I made a delectable apple pie last week and a blackberry chocolate pie. They were both unbelievably good. Gone within a few days of being made. It makes culinary school look like the shining star of my future. Without that to look forward to, I have nothing.

Employment in Lawrence has proved elusive. I have applied to many places and heard back from none. I call back just to discover they have already found someone else. How can this many people have better resumes than me. It is beyond aggravating. I brought in my resume to what seemed like a sure thing just to find out that my availability was not ideal. The owner of the shop didn't completely deny me but he seemed hesitant and I most likely did not get it. Hopefully things will turn around.