Thursday, July 30, 2009


A few days have passed. Nothing too much worthy of note has occurred. But, nonetheless, recording things helps clear the mind and focus the thoughts.

I was having a discussion with my best friend the clumsy cook today and we brought up an interesting observation: Why do we force ourselves to do things just for the sake of doing them? The topic was not that in specifics, but the idea was generally in that direction.

To discuss.

I am a girl who is quite content with sitting on a chair with some good television, another simple occupying task, and another person for company. I do not see any reason why that situation is frowned upon. In a town as small as Manhattan is, finding things to occupy your time is very difficult when you are on an excruciatingly tight budget. So I enjoy much simpler things. Baking. Television. Swimming. Board games. Conversation. But, whenever I want to spend time with anyone besides the clumsy cook, these activities always create a tension. The company often feels the need to be doing something. I am not going to get all gussied up, waste my gas and my money on pointless activities just so that the other person can feel like they did something worthwhile. If they were truly my friend, then the pleasure of each other's company would satisfy all needs and the activity would mean much less. I'm tired of feeling obligated to think of some exciting activity to partake in just to kill time that I would much rather spend doing un-demanding, no-frills pursuits. Why other people feel that constant tug, I will never understand. I am easily fulfilled with the above list of pastimes. Clumsy cook agrees. She seems to be the only one around here with some common sense. Which must be why we live on the same brainwave.

In other news...

Clumsy cook and I made a pie today. Triple chocolate with a mixed berry glaze sauce. Pictures to come soon. Another magnificent dish.

I sold a piece of my history today for some much needed money. I wish my mother believed in garage sales. I would probably pocket more if I sold in bulk. Oh well. You live, you learn.

My job as maid will be completed in less than a week. I hunger for the last hours of this wretched job to be here. My next place of employment will surely be better than this. Picking up turkey droppings would be enjoyable in comparison. We shall see.

I replaced the strings on my hollow, wooden, creature of music. The e-string broke a long time back and I finally found the moment to buy a replacement. Tunes are a flyin' from my finger tips.

Come to think of it, three things of importance to me were fixed today. The Millennium Falcon has been having some trouble with its brakes. My maintenance friend told me to replace the brake fluid. A simple an economical fix. When I stood in front of the hood, popped and exposed, I was proud that I new where to poke and where to poor to fix the problem. A triumph for the woman kind. Thank goodness. My mobile device was also replaced today. After months of reading messages backwards or askew, I finally got a replica without the kinks in the system.

All is well in the house of Curly Kansas.


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  2. I will watch the whole first season of flavor of love with you allll daaaay looooong.

    Let's just lie in some grass and talk about what the clouds floating by look like.

    I got your back, girl.