Monday, July 20, 2009


It is raining outside. I am now vindicated from going out. Time alone is one thing I cherish. As the thunder cracks the silence like hammers on eggshells, I wonder if there is something wrong with me. Why must I enjoy time spent away from others more than a social atmosphere? I fear that continued isolation may prove daunting but for now I will leave it as it is. Perhaps when again I am autonomous and out of the home of my biology, I can again embrace the soul of society. Distant relations have kept me a bay with the world. I long for things far from here thus nothing near can satisfy my thirst for company. Less than a month and I will be reunited with a part of myself. I fear that upon coming together with that part, I will regret all that I have come to accept. The longing will be too great and I will again crumble. Forcing myself to return from distant lands will slap reality back into my bitter, blackened heart. My current objective in life is to pass by unnoticed but not forgotten.

Forgetting. above everything else I fear this. As I fly hopeless under the radar, I worry that eventually my blip will no longer bleep in the hearts of my comrades. I will lie, dead and forgotten. Stuck in between this land and that land; a limbo you might call it. Yes, I am in limbo.

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