Friday, July 24, 2009


The past two days have been a bit more interesting.

First and foremost I am not going to work today. I know, due to my money situation, that everyday counts, but I just really needed a day all to myself.

I saw an old friend recently. She has remained the same person she was when I first met her. I don't consider that to be a positive characteristic. I still care about her as she is but after almost seven lengthy years of knowing her I would hope she had grown a bit, but she refuses to acknowledge reality. She is engaged at barely 19. She has rarely left the state of Kansas which I see as a personal flaw in anyone. It is my belief that one must experience a place outside their comfort zone to truly know where they should be. Personally, I have always known that Kansas was not meant to be my permanent home and this past year in Chicago has confirmed that. Sadly, Kansas is where I will have to stay for now. I will make the best of it.

I had an interesting Wenesday evening. I got a late night phone call from a dear friend. She was just returning to town and invited me to spend some time with her. She had phoned me while I was in the car with my mother. My phone speaker is very loud so often times, anyone in the near vicinity of my phone conversations can hear each and every spoken word. This friend, reminded me to bring a bit of paraphernalia that she knew I owned. My mother heard this and a minor nuke was dropped. She admittedly realized that there wasn't much she could do to control this situation and put up little fight when I refused to discuss the matter further. She has known the activities that I partake in for a while but has never been faced with such a direct confrontation. I apologized to her and went on my way.

Because so much occurred after that point, I shall summarize in a list of moments I deemed memorable.

A deep discussion
An expected rendezvous
A crushing blow to an old memory
A run in with law enforcement
A new felt fear
A loss of artifact
An unexpected rendezvous
Discussions in the driveway
The stealing of the cake
Popping sparkles
An abundance of Pootie Tang
A comforting sleep

I feel there was more to the evening but in the state I experienced it, memory is one thing truly lost.

Thursday was not nearly as eventful but is was a productive day. I am now the proud owner of a new set of glasses. Thankfully ones that actually improve my sight. I am also now the proud leaser of 1/3 of a spectacular house in Lawrence. I was informed that I am permitted to get a cat which brightened my day to no end. My mother feels I should wait to get a pet, but I am going to seize the moment and as soon as funds are in place, a new member will be added to my family. I have already chosen a name. Skywalker, (pictures will eventually be posted).

In my dreams last night, I was a ranger.

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